At Riordan Brothers Integration we deliver one-of-a-kind service and solutions for you, your family and your home. Our passion for what we do is evident and our goal is to provide you with a turnkey solution that not only meets but exceeds all your expectations. Let us spark your imagination:

Lighting Control

Ambience, security, comfort and convenience are all features of a well-designed lighting control system. You will have the ability to manage both interior and exterior lighting based on your specific schedule and/or personal preference. One press of a button from within your home or away can recall the perfect lighting scene for entertaining, relaxing, reading, watching TV and bedtime.

Shade and Drapery Automation

Imagine opening or closing an entire wall or room of window treatments with the press of a button. It is possible with an automated motorized shading solution. Intuitive presets can be programmed to ensure the perfect amount of light is allowed in throughout the day, creating rooms that are always comfortable and as bright as you want them to be.

Climate Control

The living room is the perfect 72 degrees, but as soon as the sun sets, the house gets a bit chilly. Interrupting your family dinner, you turn the thermostat up, just to find yourself roasting an hour later. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, a smart, fully-integrated climate control system is the right solution for you.

Audio and Digital Video Solutions

Audio Control

Make Sunday mornings even more relaxing with the ability to listen to your favorite album anywhere in your home with the simple touch of a button. At Riordan Brothers, we expertly design and install state-of-the-art audio systems that are simple to use, reliable and will enhance your daily life, not just your Sunday morning breakfast, allowing you to enjoy your music and entertainment just about anywhere.

Some features include:

  • In-wall or ceiling speakers
  • Mobile phone, tablet or wall-mounted touchscreen control
  • Wireless music both inside and outside your home
  • Sophisticated surround sound in your family room, home theater and media rooms

Digital Video Control

From home theaters to wall-mounted flat screens, Netflix to HBO, you will be able to watch whatever you want, whenever, wherever. Move nights and sporting events will never be the same again.

Some features include:

  • Custom home theaters and media rooms with 4K Laser projection and retractable projection screen
  • Wall-mounted 4K Smart TVs
  • Programmable remotes, handheld devices and mobile devices
  • Streaming services such as Pandora, Apple TV, YouTube, Hulu, all available from one control system
  • All equipment and wiring is neatly racked and stored out of sight

Home Network and WiFi

We can provide a robust high-speed home network for you and your family, utilizing enterprise grade routers and wireless access points to eliminate dead spots and poor Wi-Fi performance.

Security Integration

Surveillance cameras and a monitored security system is the perfect pair when it comes to insuring the safety of your home. Let us help you feel protected at home with a unique security integration solution.




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